Core Restoration

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Core Restoration is for everyone! No matter where you are on your exercise journey, you can always improve your core & pelvic floor strength. This 10 day workout program will get your blood flowing, enhance your confidence, boost your mood & improve your posture all while improving the functionality of your core & pelvic floor. The key to healing your core & pelvic floor is rebuilding from the inside out. It can take time to rebuild that strength. We need patience, consistency & a deep connection to our inner core. This isn’t just a 10 day program. These are exercises that you should continue to incorporate into your workout regimen to continue to build and maintain that deep core functionality and strength. This program is especially geared towards postpartum mamas at any stage, whether you had a baby 6 weeks ago or 40 years ago! It’s never too late to restore your core! You can perform these exercises anywhere, only equipment I highly recommend is a Barre Ball. Each day you will learn a new exercise with a full description and video demonstration. There are modifications for every level, plus various ways to level up for a more challenging experience. You will feel yourself get stronger and gain more functionality each day. Once your have completed this Core Restoration program and you feel confident with your movements and deep core activation then you are ready for the On-Demand Workout Program to continue your journey for a strong, functional core!

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Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson


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