Amanda Jackson Fitness
Pre &  Postnatal Fitness
This is a time when you are thinking about trying to conceive. Now is the time to learn how to manage stress, eat nutritional foods and begin a sustainable workout routine, if you don't already have one. Build strength & endurance, create balance and improve core strength. 

Exercising while pregnant is beneficial for mom and baby! I will help you thrive throughout your pregnancy by utilizing effective workouts that are specific to the demands placed on your body during pregnancy. Not only will we manage your weight and prepare for the "marathon" of labor, but we will also get your heart pumping, relieve the stresses of pregnancy, focus on strength/mobility/flexibility, maintain your muscle definition, plus keep your booty lifted! 
We will strengthen your core canister, learn proper breathing patterns, plus strengthen your pelvic floor! Exercising will improve your energy, self-esteem, mood & decrease the risk of unwanted pregnancy complications. Don't forget about fueling yourself and your baby with all the proper nutrients!

During the 4th trimester you will need to focus on breathing, core rehabilitation & mental health. You've been through a lot physically, emotionally & mentally. Once you get the "OK" from your OBGYN, we will focus on recovering from the demand pregnancy and labor placed on your body. We will rebuild your core strength, focusing on effective workouts that will help improve your daily living and physical + mental needs of being a mom. And get you back to enjoying your pre-pregnancy workouts! Are you breastfeeding?? It's also important to know how to nourish your body for best milk production! 
Diastsis Recti

I can show you how to test for Diastasis Recti, show you proper exercises to help correct it,  and give you guidance on the nutritional aspect of healing your core. 

It's never too late!!  We can definitely make improvements no matter how old your kids are!
Maintaining a physically active lifestyle combined with a nutritional diet is a great way to support a healthy pregnancy and bounce back quicker after delivery to begin your journey as a healthy and happy mama!