Amanda Jackson Fitness
Pre &  Postnatal Fitness
Maintaining a physically active lifestyle combined with a nutritional diet is a great way to support a healthy pregnancy and bounce back quicker after delivery to begin your journey as a healthy and happy mama!

Exercising while pregnant is beneficial for mom and baby. I will help you manage your weight and prepare for the "marathon" of labor. We will get your heart pumping, relieve the stresses of pregnancy, and stretch & lengthen your body. 

Once you get the OK from your doctor we can begin a workout routine to get your pre-baby body back! We will tone, strengthen, stretch, and burn calories! Don't forget....a nutritional diet is super important for a new mom to help lose weight, keep up your energy levels, and help maintain that milk supply if you are breastfeeding! 
Diastsis Recti
On top of being a certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, I also have personal experience with Diastsis Recti. I have 3 handsome boys after 2 pregnancies...yes! 3 boys! second pregnancy I carried identical twins. To keep my story short and sweet--at my 6 week postpartum appointment I discovered that I had Diastsis Recti and 2 hernias (umbilical and inguinal). I am still on my personal journey and will always continue on my journey to strengthen my core and pelvic floor! My body has come a long way since my last took a lot of work, determination, and support from family and friends. There are many exercises that you should do and also plenty of exercises that are a big NO when trying to heal your DR.

Do you have questions about DR?? Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!!! If you have a "mom pooch",  "mummy tummy"..etc..whatever you want to call might have a split in your abdomen!

I can show you how to test for Diastasis Recti, show you proper exercises to help correct it,  and give you guidance on the nutritional aspect of healing your core. 

It's never too late!!  We can definitely make improvements no matter how old your kids are!