Amanda Jackson Fitness
Nutrition and Weight Management

A healthy diet is most important when it comes to losing and maintaining weight. I believe in the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat a clean diet--> Clean diet means it comes from Mother Nature--not a box! (lean proteins, fruits, veggies, & whole grains) The other 20% is for treats! Everything in moderation is key to be healthy and happy! I'm here to help you understand proper nutrient intake & weight management strategies.
Nutrition is an important component in having a healthy lifestyle and managing your weight. If you are trying to lose weight... 80% of it is what you eat! It's important to incorporate healthy meals and snacks into your everyday lifestyle. 

I can offer nutritional advice to help you reach your goals-->whether you are looking to lose weight, be heart healthy, or find a healthy balance of all the nutrients needed in your diet.