Amanda Jackson Fitness
Nutrition and Mindset Coaching

As a Certified Nutrition Coach & Mindset Coach, along with years of research and experience, I believe that nutrition is a vital component of living a healthy lifestyle. 

It's all about Intuitive Eating and learning how to properly read nutrition labels, portion control & choosing cleaner food/drink options. I focus more on a habit-based approach to making smart healthy choices.

We will focus on WHY we are eating what we eat.  

 I don't believe in depriving yourself, dieting, or cutting out food groups. I do believe in learning to make smarter choices and nourishing your body. 

There is not one set plan for everyone. Each person is unique and deserves a specialized plan. We will focus on how new ideas will fit into your current lifestyle to make it healthier.

It's all about having a positive mindset and finding those strategies to help you break out of your current unwanted dietary habits,

Think of food in a positive sense and as an opportunity to fuel and nourish your body! We will focus on the life you will gain and how you can be in control of your own body!